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The Story Behind The Name

I have a rescue kitty named Rose, who is a purebred Fire Point Siamese with cream color fur, orange ears, rings around her tail and bright blue eyes. She was found in a dumpster when she was a kitten, adopted out to a family that terrorized her and brought her back a week later for a refund. When we got ahold of her, she didn’t want anything to do with anyone so we acclimated her in a small space and about a week later all her emotions just came to life. She blossomed with evidence of her putting herself under your hand and spinning in one direction, rolling over and over like an alligator death grip so that you would not stop petting her which earned her nickname, Alligator Rose.

When I started my business shortly after, I knew what the name was supposed to be and why. My story is so much like hers. I was found in a metaphorical dumpster in my life and true story; I was adopted out to a family that terrorized me and ran away at 17, finishing high school while living with a friend and her dad. I found my mom right away through a consistent family connection that always knew her whereabouts, but it took a few years to find my dad which eventually happened when I was 21.

Even though my parents weren’t together anymore they collaborated on my behalf and adopted me back as an adult, but it wasn’t until I surrendered my ideas for my life and committed my future to the One who created me that life became rooted and had meaning. There was no philosophy on earth that could touch the pain that was inside of me until I encountered the only healthy love that exists, which is the love and presence of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

This business is dedicated to all the Roses. When you’re here, it’s really an experience which I pray is more of an inspiration and an encounter to the things of God. The products are uniquely crafted by my own hands and the atmosphere is enveloping, but it’s all a front to what I love the most in this life, which is to reach hearts for the love of God!

What People are Saying


“Every time I go into Alligator Rose it is always a pleasure. Ma Belle Ammie did my bridal shower favors as well as my matching bridal jewelry bridesmaid gifts. Her personal touches are so elegant and detailed. I love everything she does and will continue to spend my money in her store!!

Rachel Morrow

“Leaf it to Ammie”

“My fiancé and I met Ammie at a vendor fair at our wedding venue and we are so glad we did! She has worked with us to make customized kiln-fired enamel boutonnieres in the shape of leaves as keepsake pins for the groom and groomsmen. They turned out amazing! Ammie is always enthusiastic. We highly recommend her to others!”

Kelsey & Jacob


“EXCELLENT in every aspect! Thank you!”


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117 S. Mill Street Galleria H,
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CALL: (562) 235-1069
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